How the ’94 World Cup changed the game of cricket: The story behind its origins and how it’s still changing

The 1994 World Cup in Australia had an extraordinary effect on the game.

The tournament was the first of many, and was so much more than the football matches.

While it was a great success, it was also the beginning of what became a pattern of years of dramatic shifts in the way the game was played.

That pattern has been repeated in recent years.

For example, the ICC’s World Twenty20 in India this year was also an incredible success, with the format transforming the way cricket was played around the world.

But as the tournament progressed, the format of international cricket began to change.

In some ways, the 1994 World Cups in Australia and India were a model of the game that could have been copied by any other major tournament.

And they were the first to embrace the concept of a “big four” format, where all four matches of the tournament were played across four days, with an extra day of rest for the top two teams.

That model was also adopted by the Test cricket and the Twenty20 cricket leagues around the country, but it was the introduction of the Big Four format that really set the game on a new course.

This was the model that led to the creation of Test cricket in India, the emergence of the Twenty8 format in the Caribbean and the emergence, by the mid-2000s, of the “big six”.

The Big Four model had a clear advantage over the previous formats.

It was a format that required players to be in the same country for the duration of the match.

And the format required players in a specific geographical location for the first time.

But it was difficult to make the system work in practice.

The formats, while very different in their structure, were largely interchangeable.

The Big 4 format was the simplest of the three, and the Big Six format was one of the most complex.

There was no fixed time frame, so players could play anywhere.

Players needed to be trained and experienced for the format, and many of the players who were trained and experience were not necessarily the best.

And because the format was so simple, it had a great deal of variance.

As a result, it took a while for players to get used to it.

The format wasn’t particularly difficult to understand, and players were very good at understanding the rules and their surroundings.

But the format also took some time to adjust to.

This has been a problem for the game in general, and for players, especially those in the top tier of international cricketers.

A player might be the best cricketer in the world, but a lot of players struggle with adapting to the Big 4 and Big Six formats.

They need to learn how to deal with the physical demands of the format.

And when they do, the results can be spectacular.

The 1994 Big Four and Big 6 format took a year and a half to adjust for, but the results were immediate.

In the first year, the IPL averaged a whopping 1,700 runs a match.

By the time the format came to an end in 2008, the World T20 averaged around 5,000 runs a game.

In between, the game has seen a steady growth in the number of international matches, as the format has been adapted.

For instance, the number has increased from 2,600 in 2002 to 7,300 in 2014.

And while the Big 6 has not had the same impact on the format as the Big four, it has been the most popular format in international cricket, which is not surprising given the popularity of the formats.

In fact, the Big six is the most watched format in all of cricket.

The big six format was adopted in 2007, and has remained popular since.

There are two main reasons for the popularity.

First, the formats are very hard to break into.

There is a high demand for the Big formats.

For many people, the idea of playing in a format is not a big enough barrier to entry.

And secondly, there is a certain respect in the game for the “Big Four” format.

A Big Four player might have to deal only with the Big 8 format in Australia, but in England, where they were born, there are more players who would be willing to take on that challenge.

The “Big Six” format is also highly popular, but is much harder to break out of.

That is because there are many people who have already played in a Big Six.

The lack of a format has created a lot more uncertainty in the sport.

A lot of the teams that make up the Big 12 and Big 16 are now playing in the “Six” format that the Big teams use in the US.

In Europe, the leagues that are based in the Americas have already started to use the “Four” format in their competitions.

In India, for instance, a lot has changed since the format first was introduced.

Back then, it seemed like the format would only be used by a few elite crickers,

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