10 Best World Cup Moments of 2017

First World Cup host New Zealand’s triumph in the tournament’s second round of matches saw the country’s flag fly at half mast for the first time in its history.

While many were hoping the New Zealanders would not be crowned champions, they did so with a scoreline that was reminiscent of a more traditional soccer world cup.

The victory in Cardiff, Wales, was the first to take place at the world’s largest sporting event, with the United States taking the tournament by storm.

The New Zealand triumph was followed by a stunning home victory against Portugal, which ended the competition’s run without a single goal.

While New Zealand did not make the World Cup’s final, they were a solid draw for the tournament and have since clinched their spot in next year’s tournament.

Here are 10 of the best World Cup moments of 2017.1.

The New Zealand team was a mixed bagThe New Zealands team made its way to the final of the first round, and they faced the likes of Brazil, Germany and Argentina in the process.

The Kiwis had already beaten Brazil in the group stages, but were knocked out by Argentina in extra time.

They fell in their group for the second time in a row in a thrilling quarterfinal against Colombia.

The final was a close affair, but the Kiwis did manage to put away the Colombians, who had dominated the tournament so far.

The two sides met again in the semi-final, but this time New Zealand prevailed by a 2-1 scoreline.2.

It was a great win for New Zealand fansThe Newzes victory was the best they have received since their triumph over Portugal in the second round.

The team was given the all-clear after the match to start preparations for the final against Colombia, but it was a little more difficult than the first game.

They had to play in a different stadium, and there was the potential for a long wait to see if the team would make it through the tournament.

But they won the first leg 2-0, and then defeated Colombia by a score of 2-2 in extra-time.3.

A great team winThe Kiwis were dominant in their first leg, taking the game to Argentina and beating them by a combined score of 6-0.

New Zealand were able to capitalise on the Argentine’s nerves by playing them in a more compact formation, and this led to a goal that was one of the most beautiful goal celebrations of the tournament, as the Kiwias’ captain, James Horan, went on to score the decisive goal.4.

It could have been even betterThe second leg was another close affair between New Zealand and Argentina, but with the scoreline showing New Zealand in control, there was still a chance of a win for the Kiwi side.

The result was a 1-1 draw, but Argentina scored two goals and scored three more to secure a point.

Argentina were not the only team to score, with Costa Rica and Paraguay also scoring goals in the final minutes of the game.5.

A very good performance from Costa RicaThe Costa Rican team was able to pull off a great performance in Cardiff to snatch the game from Argentina, and the result was the kind of performance that will help them secure their place in the World Cups final.

Costa Rica started with the same team that had been dominating the tournament in the first match, but when they had the ball they were extremely dangerous.

The goal they scored against Portugal was one that could have gone either way, but Costa Rica proved they were capable of creating chances for themselves.

After a 1,000-minute run in which they dominated possession, Costa Rica took control of the match and scored their first goal.

The Argentines did not stop there.

With two goals apiece in the last five minutes of extra time, Costa Rican striker, Diego Costa, broke away to score from a corner.

The Costa Rican goal was their third in as many matches, and was the second of the World’s biggest sporting events to be scored by a player who does not even qualify for the World cup.6.

The next step is a World Cup finalIt was the Costa Rican side who made the most of the opportunities they had to score in Cardiff.

Their two goals in extra times, the third goal in extra and a penalty shootout against Colombia in the quarterfinal proved they can score when they are on the ball.

The game was a lot of fun, with several fantastic moments between the teams.7.

The USA were a lot better in CardiffThe United States had their chances, but they did not manage to make it to the quarterfinals.

Their first chance of the second leg came in the dying minutes of stoppage time, when goalkeeper Joe Bendik was denied by the Colombia defence.

The United States did manage a goal when the ball fell to goalkeeper David Bingham in the box, but could not find a way through a tough Colombian defence

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