‘The last time we got the best players in the world to play together’

The world cup is here, and it’s time to put together a team for the 2017 World Cup.

In the wake of a massive fall in ticket sales in England, the country has been in the grips of the worst drought in its history.

Now is the time to turn up for the World Cup, and this time it’s all about the stars.

In honour of the centenary of the First World War, we look at the best squads from the past and the future of the sport.

With the World cup coming to an end, here’s our take on the best squad to take on Brazil in the final in 2018.

Brisbane Heat Bryson Alston is a big player at halfback for the Brisbane Heat.

Source: News Corp Australia | Duration: 2min 26sec | Tags Brisbane Heat, Alston, halfback, Alton, Heat source RTV 6 source RTFplan.com Brett Levis is one of the key players in Australia’s new side.

Source.co.uk | Duration of video: 2mins 49sec | Views: 84614BrettLevis is a key player in Australia the new side and he’s back to his best form, taking on the English.

The 20-year-old is the captain of the Brisbane Lions and his performance against England will be a highlight for the rest of the squad.

Benji Marshall is the next man up.

Source of images: News Limited | Duration

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