Palestinian striker denies he was beaten by Israeli security guard

Palestinian striker Ali Khabir has denied beating Israeli security guards to death.

He also said he was not at the scene of the beating and said he had been threatened.

Khabira, who scored the winner for Israel in the 1954 World Cup final, said he left the stadium in the early hours of Monday and went to a cafe.

The security guard came to his house, and the two fought, he said.

He was beaten badly.

“I was afraid and wanted to leave,” Khabra said.

“The police were there and they beat me.

Israel, which claims Palestinian rights to the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, accuses Hamas of orchestrating the killing of three Israelis in recent months. “

They took me back to the cafe and then I was released.”

Israel, which claims Palestinian rights to the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, accuses Hamas of orchestrating the killing of three Israelis in recent months.

Palestinians in the West Bank, however, claim Israel deliberately stokes tensions.

Israel has denied the accusation, saying it was a “provocation”.

The security force that attacked Khabrira said in a statement it did not kill him because he was carrying a knife and the assailant had told the security guard to shoot him.

Khawra has said he has received death threats and has been called a “terrorist” and a “Zionist”.

He said he did not feel threatened by the officers and that he was trying to protect himself.

Israel is known to have a high rate of civilian deaths, including some from car bombs and car bombings.

Last year it was accused of using excessive force when it attacked a Palestinian man on a busy road in the Gaza Strip.

It was the latest in a series of deadly Israeli-Palestinian clashes that has killed more than 1,300 Palestinians since the start of the year.

Israel says the attacks are aimed at disrupting the peace process.

In October, Israeli forces fired live rounds at an unarmed Palestinian man they said was throwing stones at them in Jerusalem.

In December, two Israeli civilians were killed and several others injured when a vehicle exploded in an attack on a home in the southern city of Eilat.

In November, a car bomb in the central city of Ramallah killed a Palestinian youth.

In March, Israeli police shot and wounded a Palestinian suspected of planning a suicide attack at the Israeli parliament in Tel Aviv.

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