Which country will win the 2017 Rio world cup?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – There’s a new sport to be played in Rio this summer, but will it be the world cup or the Olympics?

In a sport known for its intensity, the Rio Olympics will have its fair share of adrenaline-filled games that can be played at a frenetic pace and without breaks.

While the games have been played under tight security in a bid to make them as safe as possible, the event itself has a lot to be excited about.

The first major sporting event of the summer is a two-week event that will be played on a huge, beautiful stage that’s set up for the Games and will host the men’s and women’s soccer and men’s golf.

It is expected to draw a record crowd of 35 million people.

The men’s soccer event is set to kick off on July 4, the women’s golf event on July 11 and the men and women tennis event on August 3.

The women’s tennis event will kick off August 6, the men will host their golf tournament on August 12 and the women will hold their volleyball event on September 1.

Brazil’s sporting events will be one of the biggest in the world this summer.

As well as the major sporting events, the Games will also see the first major soccer tournament in the history of the country.

Rio 2016: What to know about the men vs. women men’s basketball tournament, August 19.

Rio 2017: What’s happening in the Olympics, July 3, 2020.

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