Why Canada has been the World’s Top Soccer Market for 5 Years in a Row

The NHL, the NBA, the NFL and NHLPA all use the same rules as the World Cup.

That means if a team wins the title, the World Soccer Federation has to approve the trophy and the trophy must be in the possession of the player.

But that’s not the case for Canada, which is the top soccer market in the world.

Canada has won three World Cups, won the World Championship four times and won the Women’s World Cup three times.

And in the last two years, the team has also been crowned a runner-up to the World Champions.

It’s been a banner year for the Canadian soccer community.

The women’s national team won the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the Gold Cup was the first time Canada has played a match in CONCACaf’s history.

It was also the first tournament Canada has won since the 2018 Gold Cup.

The team has qualified for the World Championships in all three tournaments, making it the first team to win four of five major tournaments.

The Canadian men’s team, meanwhile, has reached the quarterfinals of the FIFA Women’s Gold Cup twice.

It is also the only Canadian team to have won two FIFA World Cups.

This year, Canada’s men are expected to take the field in Brazil next month and they are expected win the World Cups in 2019 and 2020.

But the women are still looking for their first major title.

Canada is the only team to take home a Gold Cup since 2010 and won three of them.

That’s a number that has been eclipsed by Brazil, whose women have won the title four times.

The United States is the second-most-populous country in the tournament with 16 teams and has the second most gold medals.

The United States has won eight of its 10 World Cups and the last four of the Olympics.

In the world’s top five soccer markets, Canada is at the top, with the U.S. ranking third, the U-19s fourth, and the U23s fifth.

The top 10 soccer markets in the U, S., Canada and Mexico are:1.

New York 2.

Toronto 3.

Houston 4.

Los Angeles 5.

Chicago 6.

Seattle 7.

Seattle 8.

Montreal 9.

Montreal 10. Montreal.

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